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How to Get Your Marriage License in NYC

By Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway

The New York Marriage Bureau used to be a shabby, run down office in the Municipal building. Now it is at a new address and has become very high tech and trendy. They also have a lovely little chapel there.

Whether you get hitched there, in a church, or Central Park, you will need a valid New York State marriage license that must be signed by you, your mate, at least one witness and your officiant. By law, you can get your marriage license anywhere in the state of New York--and it must be from NYS--but if you are getting married in the City, why not have the full NYC experience! It is such a fun and romantic time when you to get your license.

Here some things you should know about getting your marriage license in New York City. More details for getting the license in NYC are at this site.

1. You will have to go together to get the license but you can begin to fill the application out on-line so that it is ready for you when you arrive.

2. Make sure you bring proper ID (listed at the url's below) and a money order for $35 or you can pay by credit card. They do not accept checks or cash.

3. The marriage bureau opens at 8:30 am. Here's a secret: Get there on line 45 minutes early to ensure faster processing. :-)

4. You must present your officiant with a valid, NYS license to me the day of the ceremony. This means it must be in hand for at least 24 hours. (You can get it up to 60 days prior to the ceremony).

5. Check and confirm the hours before you go.

6. Try to take the day off and savor the moment!