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How to Get Your Marriage License in NYC

By Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway

The New York Marriage Bureau used to be a shabby, run-down office in the Municipal building. Now it is at a new address and has become very high-tech and trendy. They also have a lovely little chapel there.

Whether you get hitched there, in a church, or in Central Park, you will need a valid New York State marriage license that must be signed by you, your mate, at least one witness, and your officiant.


By law, you can get your marriage license anywhere in the state of New York--and it must be from NYS--but if you are getting married in the City, why not have the full NYC experience? It is such a fun and romantic time when you get your license.


Project Cupid

There have been changes to the process since COVID. The City launched Project Cupid to enable couples to get their marriage licenses during the long time period in which the Clerk's Office was shut down. The offices in all the boroughs have reopened but they have left some of the protocols as well as virtual options in place.


For example, you now need an appointment to visit the Clerk's office (you once were able to just walk in). But they still allow you to fill out your application for your marriage license online. The process leads you to obtain your license virtually.


As of September 10, 2023, the official NYC website says: "You can schedule an in-person appointment for a Marriage Ceremony, Marriage License, and other select services through Project Cupid. The option to schedule a virtual appointment for a Marriage License also remains available."


When you click Project Cupid it takes you to this page. You can choose from this menu and you can click on the area you need:

Valid New York License


You can arrange to be married at the Clerk's office. But if you are working with you own clergy person or officiant, you will need to present a valid NYS or NYC marriage license the day of the ceremony. It must be in hand for at least 24 hours and it is good for sixty days.


Leave yourself time to obtain your license in case of any future delays.



Rev. Laurie Sue