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Why We Love Weddings

By Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway

Weddings bring with them the freshness of Spring’s new beginnings – flowers, colors, new clothes, new excitement and a new sense of opportunity.

Weddings have a way of opening our hearts and uplifting our spirits. People will be excited to share your day. They literally get a contact high off your love. Why do you think everyone wants to line up to congratulate the bride and groom? Because they love you and have a special place for you in their hearts … and because they want a little whiff of wedding bliss!

There is nothing that has the same place in our hearts as a wedding. Weddings restore our hope and our belief in Love. Weddings make the energy of Love available to all who come to witnesses. A wedding is seen as Love’s symbol of success.

For most of us, love is the most mystifying, complex, powerful, extraordinary, amazing force in the universe. It is also somewhat elusive. Mystics have tried to capture its essence. Poets have attempted to explain it. Lovers through the ages have gotten lost in its sacred presence and its sometimes-terrifying grip. Many people, once they find love, seem to lose it.

The Bride and Groom, however, seem to have captured it … mastered it … achieved it … and nailed it down. They are the ultimate representatives of love – our King and Queen, God and Goddess of love.

On their wedding day, bride and groom seem to transcend earthly concerns. They are so happy it seems impossible – to them and to those who stand in witness of their love – they could ever be anything less. We want so much to believe – to know -- they will always have the ability to always see one another through the eyes of love. There is a part of us that feels, if they can master it, then perhaps we can too!

On the wedding day, we all stand in awe of the great promise that stretches before us as we celebrate the potential for great and lasting love. Seeing a bride and groom step up to the altar helps ignite the flame of love that lives within us all.

We adore weddings because they bring us together in great happiness to celebrate two people. In the process, it awakens the love in our hearts and the great potential that lies within. Weddings help everyone focus on, and remember, love.

© Laurie Sue Brockway, 2011, all rights reserved.