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Content and Inspiration for Your Interfaith Wedding

The Knot: Reviews of Rev. Laurie Sue

Couples share their experience working with Rev. Laurie Sue.

How to Get Your Marriage License

What you need to know about getting your license in New York City

Hindu Wedding Prayer to Ganesh

Selections from the Hindu Tradition

Hindu Marriage Blessings & Quotes

A prayer to Ganesha to start off an interfaith Hindu wedding.

7 Blessings of a Hindu Ceremony

The blessings that seal the Hindu marriage.

What Kind of Ceremony Do You Want?

Today's wedding ceremonies can be creative, fun and very personal.

Selecting the Right Officiant

To have the perfect ceremony, find the right officiant.

Why Your Parents Might Be Upset

When parents reject your selection of mate.

How to Write Wedding Vows

Take the stress out of vow writing by speaking from the heart

Prepare For the Walk Down the Aisle

Tips for an easy journey down the aisle

A Blessing Over Your Hands

Many cultures bless the hands of bride and groom, as the hands are connected to the heart

Honoring Lost Loves Ones

Remembering the ones who have passed on

How to Kiss On Your Wedding Day

Big smooch or little peck...However you decide to do it on the big day, have fun practicing

Wedding Readings Nonreligious

Beautiful words to include in your ceremony

Rumi Wedding Readings

Selections from Rumi

Kahlil Gibran Wedding Readings

Selections from Kalil Gibran

Christian Wedding Readings

Selections from the Christian Tradition

Jewish Wedding Readings

Selections from the Jewish Tradition

Buddhist Wedding Readings

Selections from the Buddhist tradition

Stress-Busters for Brides

Tips for staying sane while planning your wedding

Creative Marriage Contracts

From the Ketubah to Quaker Marriage Contract, written spiritual agreements can enhance your marriage

Why We Love Weddings

The bride and groom are the eternal lovers, helping us all believe in the power of a good relationship